6 Decadent and Affordable Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Around Valentines’ day, a box of chocolates might easily cost $50-100.  But, don’t worry!  You don’t need to spend big bucks to get good chocolate. There is plenty of fantastically delicious, decadent, and beautifully packaged chocolate that fits your budget.  It will make your woman feel loved and treasured, and you’ll have enough cash to buy her flowers, too!

See’s Milk Chocolate Hearts – $6.70

See's Milk Chocolate Hearts

These beautifully wrapped bite sized, solid milk chocolate, heart shaped candies are the perfect Valentine’s day gift.  They are sweet, elegant, symbolic of the holiday, and above all – drool worthy!  If you haven’t tried See’s candy, don’t wait any longer.

Each bag contains approximately 25 candies – an excellent value that doesn’t compromise on quality .

Ghiradellhi Sweetheart Chocolates
 – $12.00

Ghiradellhi Sweetheart Chocolates

Rich and delicate, Ghirardelli® Sweet Hearts chocolates make a decadent gift that will be savored by the one lucky enough to be on your list.

Each piece perfectly balances the intense flavor of deep-roasted cocoa beans with rich ingredients.
Flavors include:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cream with Toffee Bits
  • Milk Chocolate Filled with Caramel Cream
  • Chocolate Almond Cream
  • Dark Chocolate Filled with Cacao Nibs in Cream

Net weight: 4.23 oz.

Voges Chocolate’s  New! Volupté Heart Caramel Bonbon Collection – $12 

Voges Chocolate - New! Volupté Heart Caramel Bonbon Collection

White Chocolate heart-shaped shells are tinted all-naturally to a light pink hue then filled with luscious Fluer de Sel caramel. This mild, crunchy sea salt is harvested by hand on the island Ile de Ré off the west coast of France and considered to be a delicacy worldwide.

Voges Chocolate’s Milagro Heart Lollipops – $10.00

Milagro Heart Lollipops

The milagro (meaning miracle in Spanish) symbolizes gratitude and love, and embodies the power of the heart to heal all wounds.

Bundle of three 1oz solid heart lollipops set atop sustainable birch sticks. Parfums include:

- Barcelona Lollipop: hickory smoked almonds + Fleur de sel sea salt + 45% cacao milk chocolate
– Red Fire Lollipop: Ancho y Chipotle chillies + Ceylon cinnamon + 55% cacao dark chocolate
– Goji Lollipop: goji berries + pink Himalayan salt + 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

Hershey's Valentine's Kisses, Milk Chocolate, 10 Ounce Heart Tin

Don’t think for a minute that you have to buy fancy European chocolate to make your woman happy.  I have yet to make a friend who doesn’t adore Hershey’s Kisses.  This special Valentine’s Day heart shaped tin is filled with red and silver covered chocolates.  If you asked me to choose on gift on this list, hands down, this would be it.

Lindt’s LINDOR Hearts Gift Bag – $15.00

LINDOR Heart Shaped Milk Chocolate

So, let’s say you do want to buy fancy Swiss chocolate this year.  You can’t go wrong with Lindt’s Lindor Hearts Gift Bag.  The LINDOR heart features LINDOR truffles recipe in milk chocolate and rendered in a heart-shaped format and beautifully wrapped in red foil. Holds approximately 17 hearts.

Each gift bag is finished with a pink satin bow.  When you break its shell, LINDOR starts to melt and so will you.Lindt chocolate embodies the passion and expert craftsmanship of its Lindt Master Swiss Chocolatiers. Lindt delivers a unique chocolate experience offering a distinctly smooth and rich, gourmet taste.

Don’t miss the hot chocolate sharing scene in When It’s Love.

When It's Love by Emma Lauren

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