Get To Know Sydney Morrison

There are still a few weeks to go until When It’s Love is released.  Meanwhile, I thought I’d share some fun facts with you about the main character, Sydney Morrison.  Not all of these facts appear in the book, but since I know Sydney pretty well, I’m confident that this is how she’d answer.  So here you have it…


Name: Sydney Morrison

Age: 22

Favorite color: Purple

Things in my fridge: Peanut butter and Diet Coke

iPhone or Android?: iPhone

Cookies or cake: cookies, especially chocolate chip

Hobbies: Moping (getting over that now!), playing with my cats, writing

Favorite breakfast food: Bacon

Sexiest undies?: Black lace thong

Wildest fantasy?: Stripping for my writing professor

Three words that describe me: Traumatized, introspective, changing

Thing I most dislike: Lies

Thing I like best: Trusted friends

Cats or dogs: Cats

Blue or Green?: Green (like Professor Sparling’s eyes)

Worst trait: Insecurity

Best trait: Good imagination

Pickles or radishes?  Radishes

Favorite State: Never been out of Michigan

Worst fear: My dark past

Biggest hope: To overcome the past

Favorite word: Love


I’m thrilled to be joining the community of indie writers.  I want to get to know all of you, so please friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and Pintrest or contact me here.  I would love your support getting word out about When It’s Love and I would like to read your books and share them, too.


Readers, I’ve thrown my heart and soul into this book.  I hope it shows and I hope it entertains you.  Thank you!

Xoxoxoxo, Emma


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